Current and Past Projects


Long Term Advisory Training for a 790 Bed Medical Hospital
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Therapists
  • One (1) Doctor and eleven (11) Nurses

The Democratic Republic of the Congo
Brigade Training on the Battle Operating System

  • Brigade Staff Officer Training

The Republic of Hungary
Small Unit Tactics Instruction

  • SOF

The Republic of Kenya
Border Security Training
Pathfinder Training MTT

  • MD 500 Maintenance Training
  • Kenya Special Operations Forces (SOF) Training
  • Kenya Mobile Training Team (MTT)

Light Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic MTT

The Republic of Georgia
Recon Company Instruction

The Republic of Kazakhstan
Huey II Pilot and Maintenance Training

  • Aircraft: HUEY II
  • Pilot training
  • Train Maintenance Personnel as Quality Assurance/Technical inspectors
  • Provide HUEY II Transition training to aircraft mechanics
  • Conduct training on maintenance management operations
  • Develop Course Syllabi

The Republic of the Philippines

Technical Assistance and Training for Military Equipment

  • Aircraft: C-130/UH1/OV10/MG520
  • Fast Patrol Craft Repair and Maintenance
  • Wheeled Vehicles Repair and Maintenance
  • IT Automation of Logistics Systems
  • Warehouse Management
  • Ordinance Management


Fort Bragg: Fort Bragg, NC

  • Administrative Office
  • Counter Surveillance Course Instruction
  • Defensive Driving/Bomb Search Training

King's Bay Submarine Base
Contract Base Post Office Facility

NETSAFA: Pensacola, FL

Technical Training and Assistance for Foreign Military Personnel NITC is an international student preparatory school. The acronym stands for Naval Education and Training Security Assistance Field Activity International Training Center. It is sometimes referred to as NETSAFA ITC, but the more common acronym is NITC

  • Engineering Support
  • Ship FMS Transfer Actions
  • System Design and Documentation
  • Training Instruction Management
  • Training Software Support
  • Program Management
  • Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) Aviation Programs
  • Kuwait Apache Maintenance International Technical Training Preparatory School (ITTPS) Training Pr

Washington, DC
FMS Ship and Weapons System Program Management Support